Do lower speed RW discs last longer?


Does the rated speed range of a RW disc affect the life cycle?
Example: Does a DVD-RW×2 last longer than a DVD-RW×6? Does a CD-RW UltraSpeed+(×32) or a CD-RW×4 last for more frequent rewrites?

I wonder, why RW discs have speed classes.
According to Wikipedia’s article on CD-RW, the higher speed CDs require faster speeds because the phase change layer needs less time to cool down. But why does that prevent the burner from writing at lower/higher speeds? Can’t it apply the same amount of temperature at all speeds?

Additionally, do **RW discs with more speed have fewer writing cycles like DVD-RAM?.**

What about BluRay HTL/LTH? Do they have the same rules for BD-RE?.

DVD-RAM is known to have fewer rewrite cycles for the higher speed models.
What about CD-RW, DVD*RW?.

  • CD-RW LOW speed has more rewrite cycles.
  • CD-RW HIGH speed has more rewrite cycles.
  • Not sure yet.

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I wouldn’t rely on any phase-change media to last any length of time.

That makes two of us. :slight_smile:

Yes. (+ @Dee)
But my Sony DVD-RWs from 10 years ago are still perfect. But only have been written to a few timrs.

But my question was; Which does last for more cycles, if written at their exact rated speed?

If I write with underspeed, it will probably last longer.

  • What about life expectancy?
  • Which ones are more reflective?
  • If data fades away on RW, does that mean, that it can be recovered by re-burning the disc?
    • Does only the data or also the disc damage?