Do Liteon's keep traces of previous firmware?

If i flash my broken 812s@832s (CG3E) back to a stock firmware, is there a trace that it was once flashed wtih a non-supported firmware?

I think the only answer you will get is “throw the thing in the trash and buy another.”

Remember all the warnings about flashing at your own risk and voiding your warranty? That is what you have done.

Is it truly, absolutely, completely dead/broken?

i flashed it with CG3B and then CG3E
it is about 4 months old and i can hear a loud clicking/ticking inside when it tries to read a disc
it cannot read any discs
doesnt even register that any disc is in it

btw: both of those firmwares have been working fine for months
just last night i went to bed and left it ripping and when i got up this morning it was dead :sad:

i realize this.

right now i do not have the money to buy another so i’m weighing my options

To the best of our knowledge, no trace is left.

@ whoelts
It probably is dead. It must have had some event(power surge? or ?) to be SO dead(both lasers dead? can’t read/recognize either dvd or cd?). Did you try un- and reinstalling by deleting the IDE channel? Or try it in another rig?

Could be a good opportunity to get one of the many great inexpensive drives available today:)

Here is my opinion, for what it’s worth:

Whats the worst case scenario if you RMA it? They refuse it because the firmware (was) incorrect - they send it back.

Best case scenario? They replace it. If it costs $7 to ship it, I’d say go with it - regardless of whether you decide to buy a new drive in the interim. I doubt that anything bad would happen as a result.


@code65536 & BluePhantom: thank you very much for your info

@please: i might would question whether it was truly dead if i couldnt hear a loud ticking when it tries to read a disc
it almost sounds like something inside broke or wore out

i might feel bad about trying to RMA something that i did in fact void the warranty on IF i felt like i had abused it or something like that
but it is only 4 months old and i cannot imagine this firmware working for thousands of others but deciding to burn up my drive
it is defective and i did not get my money’s worth

If you feel adventurous, (forget the warranty), open the drive and inspect the optical head. Sounds like it’s jumped it’s track or something is out of allignment.

Also re-set your EEPROM using the available tool.

Do not RMA a drive after you have chosen to void your warrantly, it doesn’t matter what is wrong with it. You made the choice. Open the drive and learn how it’s put together, maybe you can fix it. The experience is worth the cost of a new one, IMHO. Heck, I open them right out of the box before I even install them. :wink:

is this supposed to look like this?

has nobody looked at this before?

It’s hard to tell from your picture - it’s just not clear enough. Are those by chance burn marks?

it looks burnt to me