Do LiteOns "burn in" with time?

My 5005 seems to work better now than it did before.

I gave in and tried the three hour speed again, and I’m seeing no traces of the momentary “jerky movements” effect.

I’ve also noticed that absolutely all traces of “cabbage face” seem to be gone. (Even after the initial upgrade there were little hints of it, but there don’t seem to be now.)

Is it possible that even the electronics could “loosen up” a little with use?

It’s a Liteon, anything is possible!!! But, it is unlikely that “continued use” has caused it to improve. Considering the opportunities for dirt/dust and other contaminants to get on the laser lens, etc… More than likely either you have somewhat adjusted your sensitivity to its oddities or some other variable has changed (i.e., your cable signal has improved, you have made minor revisions to your TV setup, etc, etc, etc…)

On the jerky movement, it is also possible that either your media is more compatible or that your sample size is too small. Meaning hold off your judgement until you have recorded multiple times at 3 Hours and see if it returns.

Then again, maybe it just “burned in”.