Do LG (and other?) DVD-ROM drives work with Nero Drivespeed?



I’m currently looking for a dvd-rom drive that will work with Nero Drivespeed but unfortunately this information is not given in the specs of drives so until I buy I cannot be sure. So perhaps some of you can tell me your experiences with your DVD-ROM drives and Drivespeed. I’m thinking of buying LG GDR-8163B - does anyone have this model or similar and can tell me if Drivespeed works with it? Currently I have Asus 1608P2S DVD-burner and it will not work with Drivespeed (although it has some automatic speed control but not 100% reliable). So now I’m looking for a read-only drive that I can quieten whenever I choose.


Buy the 20x LiteOn’s. They will scan your DVD’s fine with Drivespeed. However I don’t think any of the LG’s scan. My H42N doesn’t scan even if you remove the block from Nero in the registry. The Samsung 183L will scan too but cost more because of SATA.


I didn’t mean the scanning program CD-DVD Speed, but Drivespeed, the one which limits read speed during operation. I just want a drive that I can slow down, I don’t need the scanning capabilities that much.


Try a program called CDBremse on your current drive, it is like DriveSpeed but has worked better for me.


CDBremse doesn’t work either. But I don’t mind, I want another drive for convenience anyway but I want to be sure I can reduce its read speed. I’ve read somewhere that LG drives do not work with DriveSpeed, however I had experience with an LG burner which worked with it so I’m not really sure. Anyone knows about GDR-8163B or perhaps GDR-8162B or GDR-8164B?