Do laser lenses (OPU) wear out? Why? Can it be repaired?

Why do laser lenses exactly wear out, if they do?
In what way does the lens change physically?

What is this crap (see Quora answer) that gets on the laser lens output end?
And can it be repaired?

That “crap” explanation sounds like a load of nonsense to me.

What causes them to gradually fail over time is burn-in of the laser diodes.

As for repairs, whilst it’s not impossible to repair, like most things these days, it’s cheaper to replace the devices than pay for an engineer to fix it.

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I see.

I just enjoy messing around with hardware parts and doing tests.


  • Malware in VM.
  • Raspberry Pi overclock, overvoltage test.
  • CRT TV - Rain test.

Sometimes you learn a lot from playing with hardware, either by dismantling it or attempting to fix it.

Give it a go and see what happens as you might discover something interesting.

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