Do I win a stupid award? :)



I was testing some media and put a disc aside after a burn. I rested it on a spindle on top of one of those blue foam rings so the surface would not be soiled pre-testing.

I picked the disc up and put it in the drive and the drive started to clunk and could not read the disc. You guessed it. The blue foam ring was not on the spindle but in the drive!

I could not shake it out of the drive either as it had firmly wedged itself onto the drive spindle where normally the disc would rest. I had to take it apart and gently prise it off the spindle and then put the drive back together (Fairly easy on an NEC).

Testing drive to see if it’s still working OK as I type :o


Hehe. I think you are the second person in a month that has tried to burn a blue foam ring and last I heard Dee-27 was still working on a write strategy for it. Hope your drive is OK.:slight_smile:


I wouldn’t give you the stupid award, I’ve put dvds in my drive upside-down… You know how some dvds and cds are the same on both sides, well I know to pay attention now…


Do I win a stupid award? :slight_smile:

only if you was to do it twice :iagree: :slight_smile:




My friend who tried to burn the clear spacer guard needn’t feel quite so sheepish then…

It was a while ago, when 80 min were not the norm.

They wanted some 80 minute, so I got them a 25 pack shrinkwrap from a computer fair, and then said the drive wouldn’t handle them… not sure how I twigged it, but it turned out they put the clear protector from the top of the stack in, having only ever used cased media before.


LOL :bigsmile: