Do I use PIO or DMA with Liteon 1213s

Im having problems trying to back up ALL of my movies with my Liteon 1213s. The Liteon came with Ritek media, so I bought this media to use. I also bought 2 other leading brands and nothing works. I was wondering should I put my hard drive and liteon 1213s on DMA or PIO mode. I tried everything I could possibly think of, i.e. ASPI, Firmware, Primary, Secondary, Media, IAA not installed, I use to have a Pioneer A05 DVDRW (I NEVER had any problems with it) but it died and I bought the Liteon. I’d appreciate any help.

P4 3.2
Intel D875PBZ mb
Western digital SATA 160gb hd
1 gb Corsair(cas 2) memory
Liteon 1213s dvd burner
Liteon 166s

DMA mode, if you run it in PIO mode expect it to run at a snails pace


Definitely DMA mode - on PIO mode expect there to be frequent buffer under runs - due to the extremely slow data transfer speeds.


Thanks I appreciate all the help

You guys got anything better to do than repeat everything i say! :wink: j/k