Do I use DVDinfo to find if my TY are qenuine?

I have just bought 100 TY printable media and not sure if I use infopro to find out if it is qenuine or not? If so will it say TY? :rolleyes:

DVDInfo should say that it is TY but since some manufacturers fake the TY code you have to look at the serials printed in the hub of the disc (see atached picture for location). It should read TG00xxx, GG00xxx or GH00xxx. If not they shurely are fakes. This is ofcourse if you are talking about DVD-/+Rs.

This is the number so it looks like Im safe true? “GG000077”

Yeah, you should be on the safe side.

What about the TH000xxx for YUDEN000 T03/16x DVD+R?

Oooops I think I forgot about those…

I hope your “GG000077”'s are better than the ones I have.

Can you post some scans?

Just for completeness, 4x DVD+R TY is TCxxxxxx, 4x DVD-R TY is GDxxxxxx.

Maybe i can help…

( From another user… )

The batch codes are found, not in the clear plastic hub area, but in the outer hub ring, as seen here:
The numbering scheme is as follows (the xs will be replaced with numbers on the actual discs):

4x - GDxxxxxx
8x - GGxxxxxx
16x- GHxxxxxx

4x - TSxxxxxx
8x - TGxxxxxx
16x- THxxxxxx

No exceptions. If the discs don’t have such codes on them, they aren’t Taiyo Yuden media.

I hope did help. My 100 DVD`s -R 16X are GHOOO125


That is a nice picture. I have tried to discribe the location of the TY code, but this is better. What camera did you use for the great picture?

That bit isn’t correct. It should be TCxxxxxx. I have YUDEN000-T01 discs and I checked this myself.

I got it off another post about TY Fakes… so I cant tell you what camera was used. Sorry.

Can i post another picture? These are mine TY -R16X

( [B]16x- GHxxxxxx[/B] )

I hope also help users, to identify the “real stuff” :cop:


Yep. My own YUDEN000 T01s are TCxxxxxx, just checked them. :slight_smile:

Mmmmh… I’ll have to keep this thread handy, it’s nice to have all these serials in one place… thanks for all the input, guys! :smiley:

You want some more pictures of the stamper/batch codes on other speeds/types of TY? I can post one or two more I think.

Well, this wouldn’t hurt of course, :slight_smile: but it’s not a necessity : once people can see [I]where[/I] to look for the serials and now [I]what[/I] to look for, the job is done I guess… :cool:

About this thread, either I’ll merge it with the “fake TY” one and change the title, or just make a sticky out of it “as is”. Anyway thanks again to all posters, as it’s something I was planning to do myself sometime, but didn’t find the time to start… :bigsmile:

That bit sure is correct. My Maxell-brand 4x TY DVD+R which I bought as a 5 pcs slimcase “colour disc” pack are TSxxxxxx.

That’s really odd. My own Maxell-branded 4x TY +R (5pcs regular jewel cases) definitely are TCxxxxxx.

Hmm… ok looks like both TCxxxxxx and TSxxxxx are correct. Anyway, here are pics of of 4x DVD+R and 4x DVD-R TY (clickable):

4x DVD+R (YUDEN000-T01)

4x DVD-R (TYG01)