Do I still need CD-R Disc (not DVD disc)?

I do understand that CD-R disc will disappear in near future. But, I believe I still need some CD-R for software program (backups) or ISO. For example, if I need to backup a software program that had multiple discs, do I still need to use CD-Rs, instead of DVDs, right? I don’t find a way to put muti-disc program in one dvd, especially when disc1 had autorun feature. Please advise me if I am not correct.

If I still need CD-Rs, which brand CD-R do I need to buy?
I have three DVD burners (All NEC burners). I don’t know which one I need to buy for better compatibility.
I heard Taiyo Yuden is the best. But, when I put (about 3-4 year old 16-24x) TY Cd-Rs into NEC drive, I got some errors when burning. But, about two year old Imation 32X CDs were burned fine. I don’t know if this is a common problem (when I put really old blank cds into a newer drive), or not. Do I really need to use newer (high speed capable) CDs for better compatibility? Which brand (manufacturer) CD-R would be better for NEC burners?

Personally, I think cd-r’s still have some walking legs left. They have a handy place when you want to make small projects like a vcd or audio disc, even a photo disc to send family.

TY’s are often considered the best, Azu’s highly regarded as well. It’s almost a religeous debate here what blanks are best and what constitutes crap :slight_smile:

My nec 2510 likes TY, but in fairness likes tdk branded cmc. depends on what your burning I guess.

The blank media forum would probably be a good place for you to read up abit, you can find it here…

Good luck and welcom to the forums…:slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:

I don’t think CDRs will disappear that soon…

Your TY discs are maybe defective… what’s the brand of these? Maxell? Sony? Unbranded? I have no problem with TY discs in my Necs (3540, 4550).

About any recent decent CDR media (Ritek, TY, Verbatim, MBI…) burns well in NECs. With more recent drives (3540, 3550, 4550…) you may even burn CMC, Prodisc… with good quality.

Of course if you plan to keep these discs for long, I’d say stick with Verbatim with an MCC or TY (Verbatim “pastels”) code.

Create ISO images of all your Discs using DVDDecryptor, Alcohol, clonecd or Blindwrite.

Download a copy of the latest Daemon Tools (currently 4.03) & bung all the images onto the 1 DVDR (preferably TY, MCC or Maxell) with a copy of Daemon tools.

Later, when you want to use them, you can use Daemon tools “Virtual Drive” feature to mount the disc images when you need them.

These days, more and more programs are being copy protected & writing these hardware protections to CD is very hardware dependant, aka impossible on the wrong hardware. So writing them as ISO files avoids this problem.

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: Never thought about that! That’s a pretty neat trick, Debro, thanks a lot for the hint! :clap: :clap:

I usally just get the junky FAR one they have at OfficeDepot or OfficeMax. I wouldn’t put anything I cared about on those though.

I wouldn’t even spend the money on those :stuck_out_tongue:

Buy some DVDRW/CDRW and erase them when you need them :stuck_out_tongue:
Your data will be more secure that cheap & nasty CDR which degrades after a few weeks :stuck_out_tongue: And if your data means that little to you, hell, might as well erase it, before mother nature does it for you :wink:

They only cost like a dollar or two for the tax and the cost of a stamp. I just use them to make music CDs. If one don’t work onto the next.

/me pays $30auish for 50 TY CDR’s and approx $25au for 50 MCC CDR

Wouldn’t use anything else :slight_smile: