Do I set Nero to burn with PAL or NTSC?



I was wondering if I had a dvd movie that was PAL on my hardrive, How would I burn weith Nero? How do I set Nero to burn with PAL or NTSC? Basically, I know nothing about either of them so please could someone explain the difference between PAL and NTSC. Thanks


Europe is PAL US is NTSC formats, that is the simplification, I would have to get a website to give you all the different countries and their formats. Nowerdays it is not that important as most TVs and DVD players are dual format and will play both. Where are you?


im in UK. I have a denver DVD 311 stand alone dvd player, and a ite on dvd+r/+rw 16X DVD Burner.


In that case you don’t really need to worry about it, pretty much all equipment in the UK is capable of handling both standards, it’s a different story in north America though.


Nero has nothing to do with format changes. It simply burns what ever is there.
It is not responsible for PAL/NTSC designations. There are other encoding software that handles such matters.


Might he mean Nero Recode?


Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Or Nero Vision Express?

No specificity was provided so speculation defaults to the main application which is Nero Burning Rom based on the title of his post.

do I set Nero to burn with PAL or NTSC?


Thanks for the help guy’s, But I think a MOD editted the title of my topic. I frist put it as Hey. But you’ve all let me know what I wanted to know. Thanks :smiley: