Do I really need Nero 6?

I’m new to the whole burning and ripping scene and just purchased a Liteon 812s that came with myDVD. I want to back up my DVDs, large files, archive pictures, and make best of CDs. I really would like to keep it simple till I learn more. What program(s) would I need or will myDVD do it all? TIA!

In my opinion:
Nero or greater (not 6.X since it’s just bloated) - Burn CDs
DVD Decrypter - Backup DVDs

Thanks DiiZzy, I’ll give it a try!

If you want to backup movies that don’t fit on a single DVD-recordable, DVD Decrypter is not enough: you need also a transcoding program, like CloneDVD 2 or DVD Shrink (this last one is freeware).

Cheers, ET.