Do i need ultra ata cable for burning 16x+ (760a)?

i have the following problem and don’t know exactly since when (many hundrets of burns running well before):

burning @18 verbatim (mcc004) runs the buffer empty at the point reaching 16x , resulting in a slow down with powerec enabled (after some buffer underuns spinning down to 16x) as well as powerec disabled (no spin downs after buffer underruns but slowing down via "bufferunderun technology). the buffer begins to decrease with 12x-14x to 50%-60% and is empty by reaching 16x. the “main buffer” (plextools pro/xl), “ultra buffer” (nero) is never touched (all the tim 100%)!

i tried this with many different images on 3 diffrent hard drives with firmware 1.03 and 1.04.

the only thing remains is the ata cable. some weeks ago i changed the deffective 80"pin" cable to a 40"pin" cable. could this be the cause?/ is somebody running the 760a with a 40pin one and has no problems??

thx in advance

40 conductor is UDMA2 and will cause slow down at higher speeds. You must use a 80 conductor cable for optimum operation. If you still have problems after that, we’ll try to help.

i will buy a new one…
45min until all shops are closed in germany :slight_smile:

From page 13 of the 760a manual:

[I]NOTE: Although the PX-760A will operate with a 40-wire IDE cable, it
may not be able to write at 18X unless an 80-conductor IDE/ATA
cable is used.[/I]

Nevertheless 16x is possible with UDMA-2 on most drives. I guess it would also work on a 760. :smiley:

18x IS possible with a 40-wire cable.

i will not try this…
also; 40-wires cables does not have the notch so be carefull when your connect your( drive AND your mobo