Do I need two usernames: one for the forums and one for the frontpage?

I have this username for the forums and made the assumption that it would be used for leaving comments on frontpage stories but it doesn’t recognize my username and password.

When I try to sign up it says that my username is already taken so do I need two usernames, one for the forum and one for leaving comments on the frontpage ???

You need to register separately for the front page. No reason you can’t use the same nick and password though. :wink:

Those databases are not linked (as discussed several times before here in the past).

A couple of weeks ago there was a posting on the mainpage where everyone was asked to synchronise the frontpage login and password with that of the forum.

If you keep in mind that they are now working on a new layout for the site, it is most likely they are working on combining the two databases into one, so you only need one login in the future…

It pays off to keep updated on these matters…you’ll find a lot of info if you do :wink:

:frowning: It’s not working keeps telling the username is taking already and that the email address is taking.

This sucks:a

Ok think I have it figured out…:confused:

In the (near?) future the mainpage user database will be removed and will be linked to the forum database. Keep this in mind.