Do I need to update my firmware if



I have a Toshiba Satellite A25-S3072 with a combo CDr/DVD drive SD-R2412, and it burns some generic CD-Rs and has trouble with some others. Some CD-Rs it will burn, but then will not read what it just burnt. I put that same CD in another CD drive and it reads the data. Does this sound like I need to update my firmware? I have ver. 1330 firmware, should I get the 1432 ?(or wutever the newest one is)

Also, when I burn a CD it slows my laptop down a greeeat deal, dunno if this has anything to do w/ firmware…

Is it a good idea to always update to the newest firmware anyway?



If burning a CD is slowing your system down, then either your system is really old/slow or your drive is in PIO mode instead of DMA mode. See: [thread]101616[/thread]

Laptop drives tend to be more prone to dust problems because they’re exposed more. A lens cleaner might end up helping.

Updating the firmware may help (or it might not)… generally newer is better, and if you’re willing to accept the risk of a possible misflash, then go for it…


First find out why CD burning slows down your notebook and solve it. Then update to the latest firmware (if no serious problem is reported about it.) Then use good CD-R media. :slight_smile: