Do i need to update BIOS?

my BIOS is as old as my computer (about 5 years) and although there are no problems (that i know of, although my external HDD isnt working), should i update it. i have found the BIOS that i need from the motherboard’s site, so this isnt a problem, just wondering how risky is it and what are the benefits of updating?

If you have no problems I suggest you to leave all as is.

Do you find also a changelog for the bios in the mainboard webpage?

heres the link:

ill search myself

This is the log:

Update Description

Fixed that ToolsEvent ViewerSystemACPI error when system enters S1 status under WinXP

Special note


If you never had these problems I suggest you to leave your bios as is.

i might as well leave it unless i find out that the BIOS is the problem. how can i make sure my external hard drive is detected by BIOS?

For what I know external drives are detected by windows, not by bios

oh… someone told me that the external hard drive is detected by the BIOS and windows. Any ideas why my HDD wont format?

Is the drive connected by USB?

A good idea. My BIOS is dated something like 2001, and I’ve had no problems (apart from no 48-bit LBA support)…there are a couple of updates for mine, but I choose to leave it as it is, since none of the problems fixed apply to me.

And I’m sure the BIOS doesn’t show USB HDDs, although I could be wrong here, having never owned one?


if it’s a usb then it will not need to be formatted. it’s working like an extension of your internal hdd. you just use it as a storage device. no os needed.

it doesnt work though, thats the problem, when i move files to it i get the error message “cannot find specified file”

Are you sure? If you put on an external box a brand new HDD, you must format it :wink:

Do your drive is recognized by windows? After plugged it should appear on the traybar a message like “new hardware found”

So you can see the drive under System Properties and/or Disk Management, but can’t write to it?

i can see it under explorer but rarely under disk management

no can’t write to it or format or partition it

how are you trying to write to this external hdd? all you have to do is drag & drop on to it and it should work. and what kind of an external hdd is it?

hmm…that is the internal hdd saying that…

Are you sure that your USB ports are not damaged?

Try to plug on a different USB or to change the usb cable