Do I need to return these DVD's?

I have been reading here for a week or so and thought I had it down. So I went to CC to get Sony 8x +R on sale. I was in a hurry and looked and thought I saw MIJ on the label. Got home and it was the “Sony Corp., Tokyo, Japan” thing that I saw. These are actually made in Taiwan. If I remember reading correctly without opening and testing them, these were made by Daxon. Are Daxon disks any good, or should I rush to CC to return them?

these can burn well depending on your burner. what burner are u using?

If it’s not YUDEN T02 (Made in Japan), then it’s SONY D11, which I heard once is produced by Daxon for Sony, but from my own use these were pretty great discs. They burnt well at 8x on my Plextor PX-712A, and scans of them burnt at 12x in my friend’s NEC ND-3500A came back even better. I wouldn’t worry.

I have a Sony DW-D22a drive. The thing I was most concerned about was the longevity of these disks.