Do I need to reset my Benq1670? If so, how am I going to reset it?

Hello everyone here.

If my question sounds too basic, that’s because I am still new to this.

I have just bought a Benq1670 from Staples a few days ago. I tried to use those Staples Brand 16X DVD+R and got some very bad results. I am going to find some other media to use instead.

I have been told that it is best to reset your DVD burner after some bad burns with one type of media before switch to another type of media. So my question is, do I need to reset my Benq1670? If so, how am I going to reset it? Since Benq1670 is very new to the market, is there a software that I can use to reset and/or backup it?

Thank you for your help.

Reset what. :slight_smile:
Maybe you had SolidBurn on mind, but this function is [I]only[/I] available on drives with latest Philips chipset DW1640/DW165*. DW1670 is different because it uses chipset by Panasonic.
A reflash could be an option, but by now there isn’t a DW1670 firmware to find.

Just keep on burning media you like and be happy. :slight_smile:

The Staples 16X +R media I got for $3 after coupon is probably the worst media I have ever bought. If must vary in quality alot. Some people are having fair results with it. Mine burns bad on every drive I have.
I got one of their 1670,s for $15 after coupon and rebate and I like it. Burns CDr,s and DVD+R,s quite well.!