Do I Need to patch the games when using CloneCD?

I’ve read multiple guides on creating PS2 backup copies and most of them include something about patching the image files. Is it nessesary when using CloneCD? or do i just simply copy the CD and then burn it?

Aslo, I just bought my PS2 a week ago and am very new to all this. I ordered a PlayStation 2 ModChip
from , i just wanted to know if the modchip has any drawback because i heard from a few people that it can mess my PS2 up some how!!

Thanks In Advance.

First off, patching software IS illegal. Thus against the rules of this forum.

Depending on the mod chip you have in your playstation will determin what games will or wont work without a patch.

Mainly EA games are the ones that require (illegal) patches.

Clone CD is exactly that…for CDS…where many PS2 games are DVDs and you will have to use nero to back these games up.

Modchips arent dangerous, installing them is.
and it voids your warranty.

For a starters your talking about clonecd with PS2 backing up so you will be only limited to backing up CD-ROM games of PS2 titles. Unless u have a dvd writer, i won’t go into patching cuz its naughty :cop:

The only thing that can be messed with in your PS2 is if the chip is installed incorrectly. Take more time than needed to check if everything is in the right place when finally installed, it definately pays to do this. :slight_smile:

some mod chips mess the laser up. try posting at and seeing what charlieps2 has to say. he’s pretty knowledged on the subject :wink: