Do I need to open AnyDVD for it to work?

Forgive the simple question but I did check the 9 pages here and didn’t see a similar title.

Once AnyDVD is installed on a pc does the program have to have the [Program] ‘Autostart’ box checked OR else be manually opened and sitting on the desktop each time you want to back up a movie?

Or is it just a matter of install AnyDVD and forget it no matter what Program settings are used because it does its thing automatically, sight unseen, in the background?

Lastly, is it better practice to first run a movie say for say, 30 seconds before ripping? Does that help AnyDVD?

Would appreciate any advice.

As long as AnyDVD is enabled (the fox in the task bar will be Red), you are good to go. AnyDVD is working in the background and decrypting on the fly.

No need to play the first part of the movie. Put the DVD in the drive and do your thing.

Okay Juggernaut, and thank you for the quick reply, appreciated.


Make sure that you wait for the little fox to lighten before opening your burning software-

BTW - I use a $10 copy of InterVideo I got off of eBay - getting some kicka$$ burns with my NEC 3500 and Tayio Yuden 8x’s

Happy Burnin’


Mike…Thanks for the tip, will do. I also have InterVideo (DVDCopy 2 Platinum) but alas it cost me a lot more than USD$10.00 :slight_smile:

This is one of those things I can’t believe they don’t think or bother to document. For AnyDVD to work, the following conditions must be true:

  1. AnyDVD must be installed. :wink:

  2. AnyDVD.exe must be running. It doesn’t matter if you use the “Autostart” option, or if you manually run it–as long as it is running. Personally, I have “Autostart” disabled, and simply run AnyDVD.exe manually, whenver needed, and then close it afterward.

  3. AnyDVD must be enabled. This is accomplished by making sure that “Enable AnyDVD” is checked in the AnyDVD.exe tray menu, or on the “Program” tab of AnyDVD’s settings dialog

  4. You must have the applicable drive(s) checked on the “Drives” tab of AnyDVD’s settings dialog.

Any desired “Feature Removal” options must also be checked, obviously (before anyone correct me, sarcastically).

hi ‘annoyed’. sorry about this late reply but i only just got my pc back tonight from the shop (upgrade). thanks for the detailed reply, very helpful and it, coupled with the coments from juggernaut and bigmike7, has helped me better understand how to properly use the program.

it’s not that the help file is poor (in fact, it’s a lot better than many others i have seen) but it concentrates more on explaining what each setting is/does in each of the tabbed screens. that’s very helpful in itself but the help file doesn’t have a one-page OVERVIEW or HOW TO… initially set up anydvd to run. it’s hard to explain to experienced or pc-literate people how frustrating it can be to newbies or oldies, like myself :). i can only liken it to having all the pieces of a 20-piece jig-saw puzzle without having a picture of the completed puzzle. you eventually sort it out but not before trying to wedge a couple of pieces in the wrong place.

Slightly Off The Topic but…

since I’m Intervideo DVD Copy was mentioned, I wanted to nudge anyone who might know an answer to this issue…

I have tried to install many versions of IDC but it would not recognize DVD-ISO images mounted w/Alcohol 120%. IDC can never recognize an Alcohol mounted drive. I have to use the old method of decoding w/DVD Decryptor and Alcolhol as opposed to AnyDVD and a burning app because of my own space restrictions; I need to create the images and store and mount as needed. Has anyone got IDC to see Alcohol mounted DVD-ISO images :bow: ?


sorry tia, haven’t tried it so i don’t know. Hope someone else can help u.


Terryj…This is off topic but for your information TIA means Thanks in Advance.


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