Do i need to get a new burner?



hi people

i have a lite-on 40125s writer. its on a winXP machine
and ive been using it for a while now with no probs.
all of a sudden. it doesn’t seem to recognise any disc i put into it.
it behaves as though the drive is empty.

it also does this in win98se as well. the bios sees it allright. so does windows, writing software etc.
and it seems to communicate with the drive okay but it doesn’t read anything.

is there any way i might be able to fix it or do i need to get a new drive??

if i need a new drive( as i suspect i might) could you please recommend a good/great/best one :wink: .

i’m running it in an asus A7V board KT133 chipset.
i didn’t change any settings/bioses or anything. i took an image of a saturn game with it last.

any help will be greatly appreciated
thank you


Make sure the cables are all plugged in.
If you can test it with another motherboard, sounds as if your burner may be toast…
Do you have all the latest drivers and patches for your system?
Doing strange things for no reason can help sometimes, switch master/slave positions, fool around a little :cool:


Did you perhaps overclock the drive? I’ve heard from quite some people, that after overclocking a LiteOn it would not recognise discs anymore…

If so, please flash it with other firmware (back to the original speed, or other, suitable firmware) and try again!


thanks for your advice people

i fear it maybe toast
i’ll try it in another system but i think i’ll have to get another drive.

i didn’t oc the drive but i’ll try flashing with an older firmware, the cables etc are all working .

thanks again

any recommendations for a new drive.
asus, lite-on??


Lite-On 52246S Retail = $56 shipped at Given you live in the US of course.


thanks stoner

i’ve ordered the new drive, lite-on. 52x24x52x

(un)fortunately(?) i’m not in the us,

i’m in the uk. it cost me 50 pounds sterling. why is that always the case with computer stuff, it’s always cheaper in the us?

still dunno why my drive died ?

thanks again people.