Do I need to finalize DVD+R?


I read somewhere that DVD+RW discs didn’t have to be finalized to be able to watch them in other players or DVD-ROMs.
Does anyone know if the same applies to DVD+R?

Thanks in advance.

I guess your talking of multi-session?


I just found out that DVD+Rs HAVE to be finalized.

What happens if they’re not finalized?

or else some dvd drives will have hard time recognizing the disk and not able to read it in some cases.

aah i see, no wonder the divx player takes forever to load and play the movies!!
I must tick that ‘Finalize’ box in future.

actually, i think +R/RW media is capable of multisession/lossless linking whereas -R/RW media is not. i may be wrong but i think the -R/RW HAS to be finalized whereas +R/RW media DOES NOT unless you don’t plan on writing anymore sessions to the disc.