Do I need to embed the autoplay standalone installer with my cd's?

I read the sticky post about this and it mention that you need to burn the autoplay standalone installer in order to make the cd act like the original. Does it still apply even with the current edition of blindwrite? Isn’t that a bit annoying? I don’t want to install that on every single system just to get the damn software working.

the autoplay feature is already part of blindwrite and installed. It has been since 4.2.7. The autoplay feature is a free stand alone that enables you to play (emulate) your copy on another computer without installing the complete blindwrite program. You do not burn it to the cd but install it on another computer where blindwrite is not installed. The license you purchase for blindwrite is good for one computer, but in order to play your copy in another computer where blidwrite is not installed you only need to install the autoplay filter.