Do I need to delete SiS IDE Controller? If so, is this all I do?

I found this post, saying to delete the SiS IDE controller and once I do that and reboot, it will be replaced with a Standard MS IDE Controller. Is this correct? So all I need to do is highlight this below and either press delete or just right click my mouse to uninstall, then reboot? (This is for an ECS M863G mobo.)

I’m thinking that method might have worked for me in the past. :iagree:

The thing is I don’t have bad DVD burns now, but I just wonder if deleting that SiS IDE controller and getting it to roll back to an MS IDE one wouldn’t help me out. I keep reading about it (albeit with Intel Ultra ATA Storage Controllers and nVidia-based IDE drivers, though those steps are slightly different from this) and wanted to see if anyone had done this exact procedure with a similar system with a SiS IDE controller.

To provide additional details that might help, here’s screenshots of the SiS PCI IDE controller:

From the last pic, the driver is already MS driver.

Thanks, Zevia. I saw it said Microsoft, but was confused that it still said the “SiS PCI IDE controller”:confused: Perhaps I shouldn’t get so confused over something that is possibly simple in reality, but while I can work with hardware and understand basic things, some-many of the more complex ideas throw me. Now, if this were a foreign language, that’s one of my talents…but alas, it’s a little more complex than that to me.

Thanks again…I was just looking to see if that might be a way to improve my burns (yes, I’ve had largely good ones, but I still wanted to be sure). Thanks for being gentle and for checking. :wink: :iagree: :bigsmile:

And also thanks for the tip about the enhanced editor. :wink:

Quema34 You can try to roll back to STD MS IDE controllers but like zevia says you already have STD drivers. Probably won’t change anything.

No problem Quema… and wassup crossg? :slight_smile:

When I looked under that, this is what I got. The Primary Channel also looks the same. I’ll just post the pic for posterity (LOL), as I didn’t find any Ultra ATA storage controllers under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers…

Hey zevia you know if we give this guy too much info he may use it against us when he gets a BenQ.:wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:
Thanks for the update in the Dare thread.
@Quema. The SIS PCI Controllers are the equivelent of Intels Ultra ATA controllers. Stay away from lightning storms. LOL:eek:

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SIS is a PCI IDE controller card, isn’t it? If so SIS being the brand using MS IDE drivers.


Ok, let’s cover a few things:

  1. SiS, unlike nVidia and Intel, makes perfectly usable IDE drivers.

  2. If you’re not having a problem, why fuck with it?

  3. The drivers you have installed are ALREADY the “MS Standard” ones. Windows just recognizes that it’s a SiS controller.

So, if you WANT, you could install the SiS drivers from SiS’s site. But you needn’t bother unless you are having some kind of problem.

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  1. Very good to know. I had read elsewhere that for some reason that SiS IDE drivers could still possibly cause some trouble

  2. True, I wasn’t technically having a problem, but I just wanted to check. More pairs of eyes are better than just my 4. :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Thanks for clearing that up. :bigsmile:

Thanks for stopping by, reading and sharing your information. This should make it a little easier to search for in the future for anyone with my same doubts (that have now been neatly dispelled, thanks to everyone’s contributions). :bigsmile:

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@ crossg

Thx for that on the “SIS PCI Controllers are the equivelent of Intels Ultra ATA controllers” I didn’t know that, so that’s a 'new wrinkle on my horn." :stuck_out_tongue:

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