Do I need to change firmware?

I updated my firmware a while back. I have a lite on ltr 52327s drive and it had qs04 firmware. After I falshed the drive it changed the name in the system. It’s now a sony crx230e drive. My problem is that I can’t seem to run the drive properly anymore and I don’t know what to do. I can’t even test the derive in nero anymore. any suggestions???

What kind of errors does it give you?

Flash back to the firmware you have before, or at least to a Liteon firmware. You probably have a nero OEM version that works with Liteon drives only, so it does not allow to select a Sony drive.

It gives me a logical error report after it quits spinning up. I tried to flash back to the other firmware and with sony firmware but neither could be recognized unless I just used a bad site. What do you guys recommend?


What exact error do you get?

no matched drive detected is the exact message.

Get the .bin version of the Liteon firmware and flash it with mtkflash.

Thanx for ALL the help guys. I finally gave up and scrapped that P.O.S. And went an got an LG drive. The burst rate seems kinda low though should I mabye update the firmware on this drive? This drive was purchased used.

Why not following ala’s advice first?

It’s too late for that lite on drive it’s in the landfill by now. anyway my burst rates on the lg are 15 everytime, shouldn’t it be a little higher?? (like 22 or so)

Go to the DVD and ide channels in hardware device manager and delete them.
Reboot and XP will install the default MS drivers. Do a burst test and see what you get.
I assume you are using an 80 wire cable to your DVD drive?