Do I Need This For Music Downloading?

Dear Members,

This probably, sounds obvious.

I just started music downloading.

I find that my laptop isn’t able to do things like it used to.

Here is my system information :

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Manufactuturer: TOSHIBA Satellite P35
Total Physical Memory 512.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 71.63 MB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB

Outside of getting a new laptop, can I get an external hard drive to help my new hobby ?

I’ve been thinking of this one…what do you think ?

Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 1TB 3.5" External Hard Drive - 7200, USB 2.0

Thanks for ALL of your comments.



yeah you will need more hdd space for sure. Keep in mind it might be cheaper to buy an external case and an internal hdd to put in it. Keep your eyes open for hdd sales.

I don’t think you need a new lappy though unless you just want one.

A speedy internetz connection is a must too.

Am I reading it right that you have a 2GB hard drive?

Getting a bigger internal hard drive is the best option if you’re not bothered about spending money as it’s not going anywhere! However, your other, cheaper options are:

1)External hard drive which you have to lug around with you.

2)USB flash drive which I’m sure you’re familiar with. A tiny stick that slots into a USB post and should be far cheaper than an external hard drive.

3)If you have a burner, burn music to discs and carry around with you in a CD wallet or whatever. 700MB CDs can hold a lot of MP3s.

[QUOTE=groovemeister;2114316]Am I reading it right that you have a 2GB hard drive?

Memory doesn’t equal hard drive. Memory = RAM

To the OP, I would recommend some sort of external HDD. Increasing memory wouldn’t hurt either, though 512MB is enough for XP, 1GB is truly recommended for better performance.

That’s why I asked.

(S)he hasn’t described things very well! In fact on closer inspection (I skimmed - hands up I’m guilty), I see that they didn’t mention their hard drive capacity at all.

EDIT: Oh, and to the OP, if you’re looking at a 1TB hard drive, it will probably hold all the music you will ever need if it is in MP3 format. Forget the USB flash recommendation as they don’t go up to that big!

Yes, a 1TB Hard drive will do you fine. But how big is your laptop’s hard drive and how much free space is there on it (go to ‘My Computer’, right-click ‘Local disk’ or the C: drive or whatever it’s called on your laptop)? You may not need an external hard drive at all.

Just so you know, in the future, questions about bits and bobs for computers are best to go here:



Here is the info that was lacking in my first post, groovemeister…



…and by the way, THANKS for sharing, and ALL of the information…

Well, you have around 90GB on your hard drive and 2/3 of that is filled up.

I don’t know how much of that is music though. If all of your music is in 1 folder, for instance if you all of it in ‘My Music’ in ‘My Documents’, you can right click on it, look at the properties and it will tell you how much is in there in MB/GB.

30GB will certainly last you quite a while if you’re just downloading MP3s. Getting a 1TB drive will last you a very very long time (it is 1000GB).

I can tell you now that the reason that your PC has slowed down is NOT because of al of the music you have downloaded - your hard drive still has plenty of space left on it.

Maybe look at this:
… it is fairly easy to understand.

1gb would give you much better performance, so do consider that and also look into cleaning up your system to make sure everything is running smoothe.


Upgrade to 1GB of Ram.

Install, update and run an antivirus software through your computer -avgfree V8 is … free & decent.
Install & run “Spybot S&D” to detect nasty bugs floating around your system.
Defragment the HDD.

[QUOTE=Team Toshiba;2116140]1gb would give you much better performance, so do consider that and also look into cleaning up your system to make sure everything is running smoothe.


Fellow CD Freaks,

I have installed two, 1GB chips.

I will do the cleanups, and general upkeep maintenance from the links you suggest.

I do have one, reoccuring problem, that I have to address…perhaps this isn’t the place I should, but here I go…

In general, when I am doing, say, three tasks at once, my display goes black, and the laptop shuts down.

I’m thinking that I am going way too fast on the key strokes, and the laptop just can’t keep up the processing thing.

It has happened once, AFTER, the installation, but again, this is something that has occurred some times BEFORE, so, apparently, it’s something, either that I’m doing, or has to be addressed by me.

If you can refer me to another place here, or address it here to me, I thank you !

You have been very generous of your experience and knowledge !

Yours, Mike

Do everything the others say,however when you go to system
tools and run your disc cleanup,make sure your not running
other applications. Then make sure you clean out your recycling
bin. Then disk defragment. However like the others said already
buying an external hard drive[which they have some cheaper
then $100.00 dollars now] would be the best solution. That way
you can save your files you really like and keep free space
available for your downloads.

If your screen blacks out, and the comp shuts down, your processor is probably over heating. Check to make sure all laptop vents are not covered.

Thank you, very much, hax0rth0r…and again, EVERYONE who responded and in the forum !

Your generosity is very much appreciated !

Hope everyone is having a good, holiday weekend !