Do I need the MV Hack?

I recently purchased a 5006 from RS on clearance. I hooked it up with the Charter Moxi Box/SVID out to the rear inputs and a DVD/VCR to the front inputs. I started copying some of my home movies to dvd then decided to try my vhs of Star Wars Ep 1 - To my amazement, it copied fine?? I don’t know for sure if Star Wars is MV enabled (I would almost bet that it is), but I haven’t found a video yet that I can’t copy? Also, it hasn’t given me any problems copying stuff from the moxi box on HBO, etc… When I had the moxi box hooked to just a vcr, it would sometimes freak out when recording from certain channels (mainly movie channels). One note about the moxi box, I seem to remember reading somewhere that there were lawsuites against chater, hbo or someone and they were forced to allow you to be able to make a copy from the dvr. I could be wrong on that though.