Do I need Nero Version 7.0 to burn a DVD?

I purchased a Plextor PX-740-UF with Nero Version and when I went through the steps outlined in my question it now tells me I need to purchase DVD-video plug-in which is included in Nero Version 7.0. Do I actually need to purchase Nero 7.0 in order to copy the files I have decoded to a DVD or am I just missing something? Any assitance will be greatly appreciated as I am new to all of this and would really like to finally find success in burning a DVD on this burner if for no other reason simply to know that I can do so.

What conversion are you trying to do?

Nero 6 can burn DVD correctly, so probably there is a way to avoid buy nero7.

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No you don’t have to purchase Nero 7. If you need pluguns you should be able to get them seperately for Nero 6.(Buy them that is). They’re obviously trying to promote Nero 7.
Take a look here for free s/w & guides.

I have read on a different thread that there are issues with the Nero version I have included with my DVD writer. I have no idea what to do as it gives me an error message when I attempt to view a DVD through my Nero program. I can not find a site to upgrade my version other than to upgrade for $65 and I am not willing to spend that much since you can buy Nero Version 7.0 on Ebay for $25 shipped. Anyone have any advice? I am currently a little strapped for $$$$ so I was hoping I would not have to spend any more money than what I paid for the DVD writer so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you post more details?

What error is exactly? Can you post a log? Or an image of the error message?

As I said, nero 6 can burn DVDs perfectly. What are you trying to do exactly? In the first post you said that you want to burn a DVD, and now you’re saying that you are trying to watch a dvd with nero.

Moreover, are you referring to [B]nero burning rom[/B] or to [B]nerovision[/B]? These are two different packages.


you can download Nero (latest 6.x version) for free from (or their FTP server
This won’t fix your issue with some plug-ins. But I doubt, you will need them, unless you want to convert different file formats into DVD-compliant MPEG2. If your material is already MPEG2, then you should search for different tools, that will allow you transcoding. Nero is useless in that case, as it will always reencode the video, and this takes a very long time.


I decrypted a DVD using DVD FabDecrypter and was attempting to copy that to a DVD using my Nero program. I also attempted to open and view the DVD using Nero and it would not allow me to do either one. Playback failed due to a problem with the video subsystem. Lowering your screen resolution or color depth may fix the problem is the error message I receive when I insert the DVD and it attempts to load and open it but changing my screen resolution does not solve the problem. The message I receive when I attempt to copy the files that were decrypted to a DVD is that I need to purchase DVD-video plug-in and takes me to an upgrade to version 7.0 page when I click on the option to add the plug-in. I know that I am missing something here or that I have some issues with the decrypted files not being compliant with my Nero program but I was just following the directions given on the thread where I asked for assistance in copying a DVD movie and I can not get it to work.

So, the protections were not removed during the rip?!??

To burn an already decrypted movie with nero it’s very simple.

Create anew compilation, and select “Video DVD”, not data disc. Then copy all ripped files in the “video_ts” folder, and press the “burn” button.

That’s all. Nero don’t need any additional plugin to do this. Are you sure that you are using nero burning rom? As I said, it is different from nerovision.