Do I need dual layer?

I’m completely new at this, but I just downloaded DVDFab Platinum. Right now the program is refusing to copy my first DVD because it isn’t dual layer. Are there any settings I can change that will allow it to copy without dual layer, or do I need to go out and buy a new set of DVD’s. Any help would be great.

It is completley possible, with some tweaking and some extra software :slight_smile:

This link helped me greatly when I was first starting out. Good luck!

Hi thepurplewalrus and welcome to CD Freaks
When you start DVDFab at the very bottom there is a dropdown window that should have DVD5 list in it you can choose DVD5 or DVD9, if you are using DVD5 (Single Layer) make sure it has DVD5 showing and not DVD9.
Also you may want to make these changes in common settins

Write Speed…4x or 8x
Write Type of DVD-R Media…SAO Writing
DVD Writable Media (DVD-5) Size…4464 (use customize in drop down )
Set Booktype to DVD-ROM…(put a check in the small box)