Do I need double-mounting for my ISO project...?

hi, i need some advice on an image storage project, i have lots of .ISOs on my hard drive and i want to copy them to DVDs and free up lots of space. i want also to run the ISOs from the DVD, i dont want to have to copy an iso image to the hard drive so i can use it. the only way i see it, is to double mount :slight_smile: one time physicaly(placing the DVD into the DVD-drive) and second - mounting the ISO image to a virtual drive using deamon tools for example. this way i think it wil work, but it is a little bit too complicated. does anyone know a simpler way, for example a special software (tool) which will make your physical DVD drive to act as a virtual one also, and will mount your ISOs directly without the need of having secondary virtual drive. any other suggestions will be also appreciated… :slight_smile: