Do i need Clone?

I am am relatively new to PC’s let alone DVD copying!

Like a lot of people (it would seem!), i have been searching for information regarding how to make a DVD compilation of Excerps from several different films & music DVD compilations.

I have an old version of DVD X Copy platinum & recently downloaded DVD Decrypter any tips & advice on how to proceed would be much appreciated.

CloneCD is just used to create backups (clones) of protected cds only. For what you want to do, ie you already have the files and want burn a compilation onto disc, you will need some authoring software like Nero or DVD-Mate.

If you want to rip excerts from various protected cds/dvds a very good program is AnyDVD. This will allow you to drag the folders straight from the disc and place them on your harddrive. From there you can use one of the above mentioned programs to compile it in your own way and burn them onto another disc.

Have a read around, you will learn a lot here :wink: :iagree:

Many thanks indeed,

I will read & Learn !! :bigsmile: