Do I need an IEEE cable for my plextor to work with nero?

Don’t laugh…Have plextor …will travel, However,

  1. I have the power connected
  2. Have USB port to PC
    3 Have NO IEEE cord from back of Plextor to PC…

question is No. 3 necessary in order for Nero to function?
I don’t have my sheet with directions. Neither do I have
an IEEE cord.
please give me an answer
no sermon please
cause I don’t know what I’m doing…


OK, I wont laugh and I wont give a sermon. :disagree: But, I did move this post to this Newbie forum and out of the P2P section. I think you will get much more help here for such a question.

Having said that…Welcome to the CD Freaks Forums! :slight_smile: Once you get that Plextor drive sorted out, be sure to: Introduce yourself…and say Hi! :flower:

gloria - some external dvd writers have a plug for ieee & usb some older computers dont have an ieee. To be sure go to walmart or electronics store
and pick up a usb cord. Then you can write with it with Nero or other dvd writing software. You can only use one plug at a time from your writer to your computer. Just use a usb. Hope this helps.

You don’t need to have both. IEEE is there for versatility sake. If you have both usb and IEEE you don’t have to tie up your usb ports. Just in case you need the manual

I use a notebook, and everything is USB or 1394 connected (4-burners), so I know a bit about it.

But …it sounds like you have your USB connection hooked up (let’s just forget about the 1394 for now), and you are unable to get nero to work?

(Just so you know, your 1394 has nothing to do with nero’s dysfunction, if you are connected through USB.)

What is wrong?

(if your are simply trying to burn, you might use PlexTools… better burns, anyway)

There should be a switch on the back of the drive to select between IEEE1394 or USB in your case. :wink:

I use several boxes that have both USB and firewire connections and none has a switch to be set.
If you have only a USB port and it is being used, buy a USB hook with 2 or 4 ports and you can connect more than one - but it will slow down you burner.
This if your port is USB 2.o because if it is USB 1 forget it to use an external burner and buy a firwire cable (take care about the connectors because are 2 dif ones).
What concerns Nero - there is not problem if you use any of the external device connectors, it will work with both providing they are working properly - if not check your system devices and drives through control pannel - system - hardware (the exact way depends on your Operating System).

Plextors do! :iagree: