Do i need an DVDpalyer and what?

hi , a new member here , first post
i own an 716-a with no problems at all
but i dont have a dvd player (only player)

i use tha 716 for all purposes (1 dvd per week recording ,many many readings , many many rippings , 1 movie per week view)

i ask ypu if i should buy a dvd player for movies-cds-ripping and what kind of it
it should be a black dvd player

i think tha lite on is very good but i shaw the plextor (black new) and i think i like it too

please inform me
thank you

Carry on using what yo’ve got. Ok it may ware out quicker, but by then the technology should have moved on enough (blue ray etc…) to make a brand new purchase justify itself.

I would run the 716 into the ground. You have 2 yr warranty. No need to spend more $ on existing technology.

thnx for answering !
do you think a dvd like lite on would give me more speed in ripping?
or better reading of damaged dvds-cds?

The improvement will be small.


I like your fine idea about running the 716 into the ground. :iagree: