Do i need a patch

Hey, i wanted to burn a copy of my doom 3 game for my brother, i copied it using clone cd and then installed it for a test. The install went fine but when i went to play the game it would not startup, got the doom 3 screen in windows but the game wouldnt startup it was like it wouldnt read the disc. The original worked fine on my computer. Do i need a backup patch for this? I tried making another copy of disc 1 with nero, i made a data disc and put the patch onto that disc but then i couldnt install with that disc, got right up to the end of the install process and it asked for disc 1, i inserted disc 1 and it wouldnt recognise it as disc 1. Any help would be much appreciated.

welcome Shark284! :slight_smile:

Do i need a backup patch for this?

did you read the forum rules ( )? NO cracks allowed here - cracks are illegal in most (all?!?) countries…

Hey, i wanted to burn a copy of my doom 3 game for my brother

that’s not legal, too - one game for one person / computer - if your brother wants to play it, he has to buy one for himself! to copy your game for another person as long as you don’t sell him the original game at the same time isn’t allowed…

and please, before you post, use the search function…
you could find WHICH protection is used for Doom 3 (Copy Protection List section of this forum), and how to beat it (by just using the search function a little more…)

but i want to help you a little bit, nevertheless… :wink:
this shows you the way - in general - but it’s very hardware dependant, if it will work for you…

what burner do you have? what’s your hardware in general?

Sorry i did not read the forum rules i am a noob here but what i want to do i dont think is illegal anyway, he still play my game but is rough with disks and i dont want him using my original. i could be wrong and this might be illegal, if it is please tell me and i will stop posting here. my laptop dvd writer is a toshiba, my desktop dvdrw is an ASUS and my desktop cdrw is a Samsung. i dont use alcohol 120 or watever its called. I know that doom 3 uses safedisk 2 as thats what cloncecd profiler told me. thnks in advance