Do I Need a New Burner? HQ and LQ Media Test Results

Do I need a new burner guys?

I had Memorex Media (crappy graph) and the results were astoundingly bad. I prepared myself to buy a new burner if my new Verbatims don’t work well.

However, from the results, they are far better than the Memorex but still not considered “good good”… My latest burn reports a max failure of 8 but a fairly low average at 0.06. Do you think i need a new burner?

I have a Sony DRU-800a rebadged from a Lite-On SOHW-1693S… What do you think of these results?

If I need to, I’ll be getting a Pioneer DVR-216D…

Hi. Since your drive is a 1693s rebadged, you could try the KS0B-fbd firmware. My drive produces better burns with it than with KC4B, at least with single layer media. Never tried comparing the two firmwares with dual layer media.
Here is a burn of a dual layer with KS0B-fbd

Well if good DL burns are what you’re after, a Pioneer 216 should do the job very nicely (on Verbatim media of course).

They’re cheap enough now, you might as well.

Lite-on’s have never been great DL burners, even with MKM001. If you intend to burn a lot of DL’s, a Pioneer burner seems to be the way ahead.