Do I need a DVD ROM Drive?



Do you get better performance ripping DVDs with a ROM drive like the Aopen 1648, I currently have a Plextor PX-708A.



The plex should be more than sufficient for ripping.


Your plextor has a maximum 12X read speed. As far as I’ve gotten, 12X is the fastest I could reach on my Pioneer 108 so I wouldnt recommend getting a plain DVDROM drive.



The Aopen 1648/aap DVD-ROM is the fastest reader/ripper currently available - and you can get one for $36 shipped from -



Note that when backing up DVD movies, you are dealing with read/rip speed, and transcoding speed. A fast reader may knock 3 to 4 minutes off the rip time. The average DVD writer should be able to read a DL movie in about 12 min. Depending on the level of compression and the speed of your computer, transcoding may add another 50 minutes to the total processing time.

Under IDEAL conditions, you can expect to reduce the total processing time by 4 minutes with a fast DVD reader.


Thanks for replying…it seems like it takes 30+ minutes to rip an average dvd, does this sound normal? I have a fairly decent machine P4 - 3.4ghz 512mb RAM, ATI 9800XT. :confused:



Nope. I would get DVDDecrypter and run a rip of a pressed DL disc with around 7-8 gig of data and watch the speed reported as it rips and the summary. My AOpen does it in 10-12 minutes. The other factor is your HD speed. All of this assumes you are not in an external inclosure.


Everything is internal, I have a Seagate SATA and a WD 7200 8mb cache drive…I’m gonna give it a try.


Ok…heres the bummer…the max I get in the read deal is 1.9x!!!
How do I fix this?
I checked in the Device manager and it says PIO mode for device 0 , that is the master correct, my CD drive is the slave and it is Ultra DMA Mode 2, device 1.



You may need to install Plextool to disable the 2X read speed of your Plextor. Most people press the eject button for about three seconds (3 flashes), then eject the drive tray. Put in a DVD, and you can rip at the higher speed. You will disable this feature when you eject the disc.


I got the setting 3-8x to stick in Plextools, it still took like 45 minutes to rip a DL DVD, it looks like it was averaging between 3-4x?..this sound correct?


get a dvd-rom drive as mentioned.You won’t regret it.I have the same drive(708) and I can’t get it past 8x.The Rom drive will cut your time in half and they’re cheap.Time also depends on the software you use also(i.e…compression etc…).Dual layer movie with Recode 2 in my PC takes me maybe 8 to 10 minutes.


You may be able to read faster, but an all-in-one program like CloneDVD will slowdown to compress the movie. The average processing time is 30 min, plus or minus ten. Longer movies with higher compression may take 1 hour.



Newegg now has the Aopen 1648/aap in stock and its $28 shipped for black face and $28.49 for beige face-