Do i have to update f/w,in order to burn a TraxData(RITEKD01) DL disc?

I have a 812s@832s with CG3B f/w.The drive works fine so far.I have used 3 DL Verbatims and they are playable in my stand alone DVD player(Toshiba SD220E).
I just bought some DL TraxData discs(RITEKD01) and i don’t know if my current f/w (CG3B) supports this media code.
I don’t want the burn to fail,so i’m asking if i have to update f/w(and if so,which one?) in order to have a successful burn.
I also have a problem with the Booktype utility (v1.3.5).Every time i booktype a +R disc to dvd-rom,it says that booktype was succesful but in DVDDecrypter or Nero it is still recognized as +R.Any ideas???

Waiting for your help people,
Cheers from Greece!!!

That got my attention :). Sorry I missed your thread; I had a very busy weekend.

Yes it is supported in CG3E. You can use OmniPatcher to check for this. Just load the firmware and scroll the list to the +R9 media.

RITEKD01 is very hard to burn well. The manufacturing process means that the media requires a special strategy and is prone to manufacturing defects. You may be better off with the later firmware like CG5G and CY58 but I have no information as to whether it is better or the same.

Hope this helps…

FYI, your other thread will be removed

Thanx for your reply.
Now,can you help me with the following steps:
1)I’m ready to load in Omnipatcher the CG3E firmware from this link: ,ok?
2)I guess i’ll find and select the RITEKD01 code from the list,ok?
3)Which patches shall i apply?
4)After applying the patches that u will tell me,i’ll save the firmware and apply it,ok?
5)Since i use ONLY Yuden000t01 discs with perfect burn quality so far (and playability of course),will the new firmware affect the burn quality?
6)Am i missing something in this whole proceedure or do you think am gonna make it?

Waiting for your reply before i go for it!!!


You don’t need to apply any patches with OP. I just meant that you could us OP to see what +R DL media was supported ;). CG3E is already fully patched for the best burning quality.

Good luck with your burn. I look forward to seeing your results. :slight_smile:

I guess i’m a little unfamiliar with all these…
Anyway i’m gonna apply directly the CG3E f/w and i’ll post my results.
Thanx once again my friend

Re the booktype. Make sure you set the booktype to -ROM before you burn the disc. The booktype is set during the burn process, not when you set it to -ROM in the BookType tool. :wink:

If you want your drive to default to -ROM you can use the OP “Auto bitsetting patch” patch, which will always restore the drive to -ROM after a system restart. You can still change it using the BookType tool, when this patch is applied.