Do I have to send my BenQ 1620 back?

So I’ve been having lots of problems with my 1620.

Every dvd I burn has at least some sector errors. Ranging from 2 to over 100. I’ve used nero to burn, errors. Even using another program like DVD Decrypter and then using CDCheck, there are errors.

This is the thread where I asked for some help.

I’ve since called up the place I purchased this burner from, they said they’d send it away for warranty, but it’d take 2 to 4 weeks…!!!

Holy crap theres no way I’d survive that long.

So I’m coming to you guys again in the hopes of a miracle.

I’m hoping that a firmware upgrade may fix the problem (as theres nothing else that I can think of that’ll fix this problem)

I’m currently running B7S9, and live in australia if that matters at all.

Any help/suggestions welcome, thanks.