Do I have to forget about benq scanning?

I tried a new strategy for MCC004 in my 1633@1653 CS09
The change was with RICOHJPN03

If I look at the result with kprobe scan and transfer rate I think this strategy really rocks, but looking at Benq (Philips1640) quality scan I will never tell the disc is good.
Why there’s such difference in scanning? I thought scans were comparable…

One scan is at 4x CLV and the other is at 8x CAV. If you set KProbe to MAX you will probably see a similar result to the Benq.

But the 16x transfer rate test means more to me anyway; that’s a good burn. I must try this in my drive.

BTW, you might want to put a reference to this post in the strategy switching results thread. :wink: