Do I have real TY CDRs?



I just joined this forum to try and find out what I can about some discs
recently purchased from a new vendor for me,
This was an order of 600 cdrs in 100 cdr spindles.

I have ordered silver Taiyo Yuden CDRs in cakeboxes many
times from distributors such as american-digital. This is my first order from
CheckOutStore. The packaging looks the same as previous Taiyo
Yuden shipments but the discs themselves look very different!
Taiyo Yuden discs I own have an opaque inner ring with a serial
number such as KL566A0252180 written circularly onto this opaque
inner ring. (Earlier versions wrote the number lineraly not
circularly but that was many years ago) The discs I received
have a shiny middle ring (inside the normal recording surface) and
a clear inner ring. The clear inner ring has a serial number such
as 3G2980D. Also the shiny middle ring has a slight groove in it
that my Taiyo Yudens do not have. How do I know these are really
Taiyo Yuden discs? They seem to be from a completely different
manufacturing process to me. I have been buying Taiyo Yuden discs
for over 10 years.

I ran NeroDiscSpeed 4 and they say they are TYs and have the same ATIP info as other ‘known’ TYs(which I dont know how to translate…):

C0 00 98 00 61 18 01 00
4F 3B 48 00 00 00 80 00
00 80 00 00 00 00 00 00

but I am still suspicious.
Any help appreciated.



Welcome Fred, did you see this?


Yes, I did. That discussion seems mostly about DVDs which I realize is what most people would be using these days for storage. But I still use CDRs for audio. Anyway, I didnt see anything that would indicate such a physical change in how these TYs compare to my previous TYs.


[QUOTE=jamescooley1;2152460]Welcome Fred, did you see this?[/QUOTE]

“Taiyo Yuden CD media has a frosted hub and two codes, a long one printed right into the hub and a short one in the dye area (usually 80 PGxxxx or 74 PGxxxx).”

If you can, take a closeup photo of one of the disks so we can look at it.

Oh, and BTW, is there a particular reason why you went with an unknown vendor that no one on this forum would recommend or is familiar with? Are they local to you, and thus, you were able to buy in-person and save on shipping (they’re in Brooklyn, NY, USA)? Was their price so good that it was way better than Rima, Meritline, Supermediastore, and other known vendors?


What about the simple way of looking at the dye? Is it green like normal TY or different. If it’s different, you got fakes. Post pics to confirm.


Sorry about the delay. I have been trying to take pics of the discs this evening but they turn out terrible in incadesent or fluorescent light.(even w/o flash) I will take pics in the morn with natural light and then post.

I dont understand the color question about the dye. I do see another number now darker on the inner ring read from underneath on the ‘good’ TYs I see ‘80 PG123S’ . On the new suspect TYs I see ‘80 PG7674’ . These second numbers are smaller and darker than the ‘good’ ones.

Thanks for all the help!!!


Sorry I just noticed negritude’s earlier post about the numbers. Looks like these match. The discs still look incredibly different and I will try and post pics tomorrow.

As far as where I got them, I didnt know about this forum until after they were purchased. I had been using american-digital with great luck but thought they were getting pricey so started to shop around. My bad.

I paid 164$ for 600 or 27c each.



fredferdlap, do the numbers look like this?


umm… Yes the questionable ones do.


Fredflap, the colour question is simple. Do you have other genuine TY discs. If yes, compare the recording surfaces of those with the ones you just purchased. TY have always used a cyanine dye (darker green) compared to most cheap CD-Rs which are Phthalocyanine and very light green.


What are they branded? that might help us identify them!


[QUOTE=fredferdlap;2153088]umm… Yes the questionable ones do.[/QUOTE]

I cannot tell you the exact truth - but your discs are likely genuine (albeit Value Line) TY’s. They are slightly inferiour to the regular “premium” line discs from the same manufacturer - in other words, media which did not quite meet the criteria for TY’s best discs.


OK, in trying to answer about color, the 2 discs seem to have the same greenish color. I actually never buy cheap ones. I may have some smewhere that have been given to me, but I’d really have to dig.

These discs are unbranded which is what I always buy.
I think I have had the value line TYs before and they looked the same, just packaged differently which would make sense to me. They are manufactured the same way but fail upon post mfg inspection.

OK, so now I have a photo, but apparently I cant actually upload a photo(even a small one) to the board itself (as you can see I dont have much ‘posting’ experirence) and I’m not sure how to ‘host’ a photo on a aweb page so it can be viewable, I tried ophoto but that requires sign in, I looked at my yahoo mail account but photos are only inisde of email attachments and I looked briefly at google but nothing jumped out… so Im late for work but if someone has an easy way for me to upload this photo somewhere I will do so upon return this evening…


I recently encountered a Taiyo Yuden CD-R with a clear hub. It was a a sample Shinka Professional 52x CD-R White Inkjet Printable Smudgeproof disc I received from CVB Media. It has the code “80 PG7625” on the inner edge of the dye area and “NM756C0815180” stamped in an arc on the clear hub. The dye colour is correct for a cyanine dye.

For comaprison my current pack of Verbatim Pastel Taiyo Yuden have a frosted hub and the codes “80 PG7560” and “3D769C0862980”. The hub code is also stamped in an arc and is in a thicker font.

RJL65 - Is it possible to identifiy Taiyo Yuden Value Line discs by the code or clear hub? Or only by the disappointing quality.


ok, hopefully this is the picture


Those definitely look real, I know some manufacturers use this type of disc for distributing software on, the one’s that have the shiny silver ring in the hub, looks like you got the real ones! But then again, if they start burning funny, then it might be fake, but I’m not sure any company that produces fake media uses Cyanine dye.


ok, thanks for all the responses for this.


I think they are real. It’s hard to get an exact match on the dye colour. If it looks the same, burns the same etc, there’s high probability that it is genuine.

Plenty of DVD manufacturers fake TY codes but it’s rare for CD-Rs to have faked codes etc. I’ve never seen a fake TY CD-R.


100% genuine :wink:

There were some CD-Rs with fake TY ATIP but it’s impossible to even find some of them now.
Besides of that, no one ever faked the TY stamper code as far as I know.

Cyanine dye -> TY ATIP -> TY stamper -> TY style hubs -> made by TY :wink: