Do i have BENQ 1620 or 1620 Pro?

Hallo :smiley:
Im looking to upgrade the firmware and ive been looking round to try and see if i can find out which drive i have but no luck as of yet.

in device manager it shows as:

and using the fwcheck program from benq’s site it says i am using firmware:

Can anyone help me?

Just upgrade to B7W9 if you want the last firmware released for 1620 drives. Though I have read that it is possible to use firmware for the 1625 drive aswell but have never had the desire to try, B7W9 is excellent for my needs. :slight_smile:

No difference in hardware from 1620 to 1620 PRO.

I was thinking it was B7L9(?) that made the change to Pro? My old brain could be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

All I can recall about B7L9 is that this is some sort of eeprom “cleaning” firmware.
But then, maybe I’m just too jung to know. :bigsmile:

Well then maybe it was B7M9 :confused: