Do I have a virus?

For the past week or so, I was having a problem logging into my hotmail account. After some trial & error, it seems that the problem is that I suddenly can’t seem to log into secure sites (https://www…). I can get to regular sites with no problems, but if I try to get into my hotmail or shutterfly account, it won’t let me log in. I get to the home pages, but once I try to input my username & password, I get a “This page cannot be displayed” error. I have IE6 with 128bit encryption and Windows XP (w/ SP2). I checked my security settings in internet tool’s advanced options and all the SSL settings are checked as suggested. I even tried to do a rollback with Windows system restore to about 3 weeks ago & it won’t let me do that either. I also tried to add hotmail to my list of trusted sites, but no dice. Also, I can’t seem to do any kind of Windows Updates at Microsoft’s site. Its giving me an error for that too. Any suggestions on what may be the problem?

UPDATE OK, I now think it has something to do with IE because I installed Mozilla and have no problems getting into my Hotmail account like I did with IE.

have u tried logging on from another computer…? if its just a problem on ur computer try deleteing the cookies, and either update IE or use opera or firefox…