Do i have a ts-h552b or not!



hello i am trying to find out my drive and i got this far and found this forum. Now i ent into the thread ts-h552b forum because this is what nero recognizes my drive as : tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h552b GA4. Now when i looked in that forum and saw the picture of that drive, it looks nothing like the drive on my gateway computer? can anyone help me


I can take a picture of it with my digital camera. can someone help identify this drive


Look at the label on the drive.


Maybe it has a special Gateway OEM bezel!?


ok ill look at the label tonight. it should be right on the front of the drive right? ill take a pic too


heres the link to the picture of it. its at the top of the tower. i have a gateway 842gm


no label on the drive. Please someone help

download unzip and run and it will tell you what you have.


DISCINFO is even better. :wink:


yeah cd/dvdspeed in nero recognizes my drive as tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h552b GA4. But i was just wondering if thats really the drive i have because i saw a picture of this toshiba drive and it looks nothing like what i have on my gateway.

What is this gateway oem bezel toshi was talking about?


Thats because you don´t have a Toshiba drive, but a TSST!


tsst is called toshiba samsung storage drive. im alittle confused here sorry. Ok so i dont have just a ts-h552b drive? is it different from that drive, so i couldnt go into this forum(
Cdfreaks presents Samsung TS-H552U review) and see how my drive handles cd/dvd speed because it is not that drive?

Is there a forum for my drive?


if you go to this link and look at the model it says i have a ts-h552b. its a link to the specs of my optical drive

hmm still confused :confused:


There is also a TS-H552B review:
TS-H552B thread:


but i dont just have the ts-h552b drive(it is a mix of toshiba and samsung TSST) so i dont know where i would fit in :frowning: . I couldnt ask how my drive should be doing in the ts-h552b thread with cd/dvd speed because it is totally different right?


Post your questions either in the Samsung forum or in the TS-H552B thread directly.