Do I have a sleep disorder?



Ok here goes, I have trouble sleeping at night, so I’m up till like 4 or 5 in the morning. Then I get up between 8-10am and go to work. During the day, I have problems concentrating, have shot-term memory loss, drowsy etc. Ever since I can remember and have kept track, I need about 12 hours sleep at night. But with my lack of sleep, I am always on a sleep debt.

For instance, I just had 3 days in a row off, I slept no less than 14 hours each night. At night, when I want to go to sleep, I can’t. My mind won’t stop thinking about whatever it happens to be. I was ready at 1030 tonight to go to bed, laid there for over an hour, finally got up. I took a slee[ing pill not too long ago, but they usually don’t make me sleepy. They make me feel drunk. As I am typing this I am having trouble concentrating and my WPM have gone way down.

Even if I pull an all nighter I will sleep the next night, but then ionce I’m caught up, back to the same old. I also tried completly cutting caffeine out of my diet, didn’t help. Energy drinks and Soda Coffee etc. don’t keep me awake. I sweat a lot at night too. Right now, I’m pretty cool at room temperature, but I am swating bad.

I really don’t have any idea what to do. If I could have it perfect, I would be awake like 20 hours, then sleep for 12-14. Sleeping 14 hours is an easy feat for me. I do this without sleeping pills. With the pils, I can sleep at least 18+ hours without waking once. Exercise and showering at night don’t help. I just can’t relax and I’m not overly stressed now either. There are two things that help me fall asleep fast. Alcohol and sex. I don’t want to have to drink a bunch every night just to fall asleep. Sex, helps, but I don’t get it every night :slight_smile:

So, does anyone have any suggestions for me? Has anyone ever heard of anybody like this?

PS. Im sure there a re a lot of typos in the above, sorry for that.


I have pretty much the same problem. I have tried alcohol, sleeping pills, smoke, etc. Nothing worked so far.:frowning:

  • don’t focus on going to sleep. Don’t focus, just rest.
  • start preparing to go to bed at the first yawn in the evening. Go to bed when you’re drowsy. It’s the easiest way to get to sleep.
  • don’t finish important things or errands minutes before going to bed
  • put on a “natural sounds cd”. The music sucks, but it’ll help you relax in no time. Goa Trance or music from Enigma can also set your mind at ease
  • no cafeine after 9pm
  • no snacks
  • don’t overeat yourself to get that drowsy feeling. it won’t last
  • have sex or relaxing massages


I once could not sleep for 4 days.
There is a drug you can get, it is completely natural, and is mainly used by long distance pilots to help them ajust to new time zones. It is called melatonin, its a naturally occering hormone anyway, and I can assure you it is 100% safe. Its not like to normal herbal remadies etc (they dont work well for me, they are not strong enough) and 1 3mg tablet should send you to sleep in under 1 hour, maybe as you are older you could try taking two, but you will have to check the exact dosage. It is hard to get hold of in the UK, but you can buy massive containers fairly cheaply in the US, and have them sent to wherever you live.

Oh, and if you dont want to try this, dont worry about not sleeping, sometimes when it gets to say 4am you will think “shit, I have to get up in 4 hours”, this will make you start to panic, and so your body will release adrenalin, and so this will stop you sleeping further. So just try and think “hey, I might just feel a bit tired in the moring, at least I am resting”.

Cant really say anything else new… 'sept I know how you feel and it sucks.

Ben :slight_smile:


You need to go see your Doc, you are either sleeping way way too much or not nearly enough. I have had massive sleep disturbance my whole life. I am taking Trazadone for it and it helps sometimes. There were some good ideas on this thread, but you really need to see a professional about this, not a bunch of CDFreaks, lol. You patterns are all messed up and yeah, having been through something very similar I would think you need something more than just herbs and shit. Of course it’s only a problem if it bothers you. Good luck.


I’ll second this! If it’s affecting your concentration at work etc…it is definitely a problem.
You may even want to see a sleep specialist.

Most sleeping pills will only work for a short time and then you’ll body will become used to them an they’ll stop working. Then when you want to stop taking them you’ll have terrible insomnia.

I’ve been to quite a few sleep lectures and they all say that it’s very important to try to be on a regular schedule…wake up and go to sleep at the same time 7 days a week. Even if you stay out late on the weekends make yourself get up at your usual time. Along those lines, I would not let yourself sleep 12,14, or 18 hours!
Once again–see your doc


Do you wake frequently during the night? like every 2-4hrs sleep? if you go out shopping when you come in and sit down do you nod off in your chair? when you laugh or feel angry, agitated or frightened, do you have odd facial muscle sensations and feel like your legs are going to give way/collapse? I have narcolepsy and all of the above were daily problems for me until I had an accident whilst driving 1 day and almost killed myself and four other people which weighs pretty heavy on the mind thats for sure. after the accident I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy, and started a drug treatment program… And I now live a relatively “normal” life. When is your earliest memory of feeling like this? at school? did you come home and go straight to bed? fall asleep on the bus home? Whether you also have narcolepsy or not your sleep patterns are irregular and I agree with the posts here that urge you to see a Doctor. It may just be sleep apnea which can also be treated. Good luck, !



Thanks for the help all.
@ Mr. Belvedere: I will try some of those nature sounds and see how that helps. Also, I think I’m going to try cutting caffeine out of my diet again and see what happens.
@Ben: What you said about thinking of crap I have to get up in 4 hours. that happens to me all the time.

I know I need to see a doctor, but really don’t want to have to pay the bill. When I turned 19 I was dropped from my families insurance and haven’t gotten any health insurance yet.
@dee1orean: I usually don’t fall asleep when I get home. I’ve noticed my problems since I was a freshman in high school, but I’ve always had problems waking up in the morning. I don’t have any of the facial muscle spasms you mentioned, but I do feel drowsy during the day alot.

Thanks for all the replies, I’ll see if I can sleep well tonight.


I really would give meletonin a shot, it is completely risk free, there have never been any side effects (as it is naturally occering anyway, and is just suplimenting what your body is not making). And it is not just anouther herbal remady that barely works at all. If everybody had meletonin then the world would be a much better place, reason why it isnt more popular is simple that drug companies dont want to make it as they cant get a patent as it is naturally occering anyway, meaning there is little money in it. I really cant say anything more about it, and no, I dont work for a meletonin company :p. About what I said about now not panicing when you have little time to sleep left, this is much easier said than done.

Good luck,

Ben :slight_smile:


I think it can be called a typical sleeping problem. Usually it is treated with some very expensive, but useless professional advice :wink: . What can really help is trying to have a strictly followed schedule, i.e. going to bed every night at 12, no matter what. In acute cases the “schedule-scheme” is backed with slipping pills. The exact procedure in acute cases:

  1. Taking a sleeping pill half an hour before going to bed.
  2. Going to bed at the same time (let’s say at 12).
  3. Read in bed.

The sleeping pills are not adviced to be taken for more than a week. It is called the “One-Week-Treament” ;). In ideal cases, and repeated when needed, it can help in the long run.

Good luck.


I think a lot of us have had this kind of problem at one time or another. getting on a regular sleep scedule and sleep patern can help a lot. One thing that has worked for me in the past when working odd and or changing shifts is skip a night of sleep. Pick a night when you don’t have to work the next day. Skip a night of sleep. Do not even take a nap as that can mess it up. Make yourself stay up till the next day and throughout the day, and then at the appropriate time of night, go to bed. Set your alarm for an appropriate amount of sleep (7-9 hours, whatever you think is right for you). Do not over sleep. When the alarm goes off, get up and stay up till the same bed time the next night, and when that bed time comes, go to bed. If you cannot sleep, don’t play on the damn computer all night (worst thing you can do), and don’t stress about not being able to sleep as it will just make it worse. Watch a little tv or read a book and stay in bed and relax till you get sleepy.
I cannot say that this will work for everybody but in the past when I have changed from evening to day to night shifts and my sleep scedule gets all messed up, causing the same kind of thing you are going through, this has worked for me, and defanatlly avoid that oversleeping thing. Sleeping too much can be as bad as sleeping to little. If you need 12 hours of sleep a night after getting into a normal sleep scedule, then thier may be something more serious wrong that you should look into with a doctor.


This may be a odd question, but you dont grind your teeth do you?

Ben :slight_smile:


Nope, no grinding.

@ripit: Even in a normal sleep pattern I need 12 hours to be fine. Maybe I really do need to see a doctor. Also I may try the all night thing.


BAD!!! Trazadone is not specifically for insomnia, and therefore should not be taken strictly for insomnia. It is commonly prescribed for the treatment of depression. Trazodone is also used to reduce the symptoms of agoraphobia, drug induced insomnia, essential tremor, repetitive screaming, and some pain syndromes.


Hi kwkard, this might sound wierd but I had almost the same syndrome as u…A couple of years ago my parents passed away with just a few months between and I had those sleeping problems too.100% stress (at least thats what a doctor told me…)and I had a self medicating period…no not that kind of self medicating…I cut caffeine and went here:

I took walks for a couple of hours EVERY day for some 2-3 weeks (don´t really remember ).The oxygene kick,excersise,the silence and the drastic caffeine cut helped me,don´t know if it might help you but sure hope. here´s some info ´bout caffeine affects on brain,perhaps all advises here might help??


I know somone like that but with setting a routine its getting easier to get to sleep.
he still has sleepless nights but not so many

Its all about your body clock and the habit it has got into, one of the worst things you can do is to go down stairs and turn on your pc, i know it can be very difficult not to stay in bed but if you have to get out of bed dont go to somthing like the pc or tv, have you tried taking a radio to bed and listning to music, soft music is best, try to set yourself a bedtime to begin with even if you dont sleep, at least your body will get used to the winding down period, bathing before bed and not showering is helpful

Sleep clinics would advise the following

an hour before you would like to go to bed, stop everything stimulating ie pc, tv, gaming, eating and drinking, if weather permits sit in your garden for 15 mins and take in the peace and quite, if you have a pet go for a walk

have a warm bath and try to tell your mind that its sleep time.
make sure that teh bedroom is not too hot/cold and that your bedding is not heavy.
I know this probably sounds boring but believe me this kind of thing works it wont happen over night it can somtimes take months but the object is if it dont work straight away dont give up, because you body wont sleep until your mind does so to speak.
If you do find that you just cannot stay in bed and have to get up do something like the following:
close your eyes and think of things in the past ie a memory from childhood or somthing, if you think about it long enough it will take over and you will find yourself falling to sleep.

this may also help you :slight_smile:


To clarify:
Trazadone is in the anti-depressant class but the truth is it sucks as an anti-depressant and no one prescribes it for that anymore. Practically speaking it is used (unlabeled in the USA) for chronic pain and insomnia.
The dose for insomnia is: 25-100mg/day (at night).
The dose for depression is: 400-600/day (split up 3 times per day).
It is often given along with other anti-depressants because depressed people have trouble sleeping.


Taking pills to sleep is walking an eternal road of taking pills.

Your body will get accustomed to the pills in no time and you will think you cannot sleep anymore if you don’t take them. Most of this behaviour is purely psychological, but you will end up taking pills for the rest of your natural existence.

Only take pills on doctor’s orders and only if it enhances your body chemistry. Never take pills to alter your chemistry.

Norty has some great tips on which i would like to add: If you listen to soft music, try selecting music you can easily sing a long with in your head. It will take your mind of all other things (stress,deep thoughts,etc.). For example: Time - Pink Floyd. (although it seems a depressing song).


I’ll go along with Norty. You really have to teach your body again that it is time to sleep. You’ve got into bad habits and the “habit of sleeping” at the right time has gone - all that effort your parents put in when you were little too. tut tut :wink:


Well I slept well last night. I’ve cut myself down to only one caffeinated drikn per day. I took a sleeping pill around 1000pm. I layed down in bed at 12 and was out :slight_smile: :smiley: Only thing was, I woke up a couple times but only for a few minutes. I got up at nine, it was great.