Do I have a bad PX-712A?



Do you guys think that I have a bad PX-712A?

PX-712A, TLA #0101, May 2004, FW 1.06

I have 2 spindles of Maxell MXL RG03 and 2 spindles of Fuji PRODISCF01. Whenever I try to burn any of these at 8x, I get max PIE > 1000!

The only decent DVD-R I can burn at 8x are Fuji TYG02. Even then, I get max PIE around 50. But when I slow it down and burn any of these at 4x, all of them are excellent burns with max PIE under 20.

Should I RMA this drive?

Here’s a scan of MXL RG03 @ 8x:



It’s hard to say geemoney. Maxell has some crappy media on the market and Prodisc is also questionable. I would try to get my hands on some Plextor DVD-R or Verbatim DVD-R media. These should work fine at maximum speed. Maybe you could switch to DVD+R media? Or is that not an option?


AFAIK there are no Maxell spindles. Get juwel cased Maxell media to be sure that you didn’t get InfoSmart “Maxell” fake discs. There were extremely low quality MXL RG01 and RG02 fakes, and i’m sure there are RG03 fakes as well.


There are Maxell 8x spindles (+ and -R) available in the US for sure, and I think they have them in Europe too.

edit MAXELL002 spindles for sale in the UK at least:


I’ve never seen those anywhere here, but they look genuine…


What type of file are you testing with? I’ve had some video files (dvd’s mainly extracted and stored on the hard drive) that I have burned and gotten PIE’s up the rear (>800) and then I’ll burn a different dvd file (already extracted and stored on the hard drive) with the same media and the same speed and get a much better reading (<40). Does the file being tested have that much of a bearing on these tests? Or is this a “one rotten apple in a barrel” type deal where I happened to use the worst disk on the spindle? Because I reburned the first crappy file with another dvd disk from a different spindle and gotten much the same results.


This could be a coincidence but also a result of the AutoStrategy function (if you’re using a Plextor PX-716A of course). AutoStrategy can improve write quality with media that is not stored in the drive’s firmware. I’ve seen dramatic improvements when burning “unsupported” media more than once. The first disc is very bad, the second disc is a lot better and the third disc is great. You can check if the discs you’re burning are being used by AutoStrategy by going into PlexTools > Drive Settings > Advanced > AutoStrategy database.


MXL RG03 as well as MAXELL-002-00 is supported by the firmware (though i’m getting bad results @ 12x on MAXELL-002-00). AutoStrategy shouldn’t affect writing either disc type