Do I have a 100GB Blu-ray disk!?

I tried searching the forums (no luck) and Google left me with rumors and speculation.

So, I used Windows to make a backup image of my entire system. It told me it would take about 43GB of a 50GB DL disk I have. When I first put the disk inside my computer, it showed up as a 47GB something disk, due to formatting which makes sense.

Anyways, I let the thing run and make the image. Took a few hours, but it finishes without errors.I get back and open up My Computer and this is what I see:

Yah. I was confused, too. The disk is made by TDK and it clearly says 50GB on the outside (it’s a 2x BD-RE DL 50GB disk). The data side is black: is this normal? I will say that I, ahem, bought these from eBay.

Probably just a Windows fluke, right? Any way to stop this/fix this/confirm this?


Never mind…lol. I just ejected it and put it back and it reads correctly as a 46GB disc.


The black you see is the phase change material you see, which is made of silver, antimony, and tellurium. I think that’s what they are.

Oh, cool! It looks pretty sweet, but I was just curious about it. Scratch-resistant coating = phase change material? Or like phase change material = lasers heating it up?

Silver, antimony, tellurium: no wonder the darn thing cost $15/disc, lol!


Typical windooze features. :smiley:

lol…now I have a 135GB disc, but this time ejecting and putting it back in doesn’t do anything…