Do I find out if it will work with my Toshiba sat pro 6100

I am cuurently using a Toshiba sat pro 6100 with win 2000. The laptop has a DVD rom and I want to upgrade it to DVD/CD-R as my plextor is a bit heavy to carry around.
I have been offered a NEC ND-5100a which seems to be a good choice but how do I find out if it will work with my laptop?? Or find out what upgrade drives are compatible??

Many Thanks for a gtreat site

I’m sure the drive will work. Optical drives, with a few exceptions, are fairly standard. The question is will it fit? You may run into trouble with the bezel. The bezel on the NEC not being the same shape as the current one. It may be possible to swap the bezels and caddy. I’m sure Toshiba has one they will sell you, but it will likely be expensive. You could get an external slim drive as well. They are lot lighter than your Plextor. There are some on ebay going cheaply:

That is what I got for my T41. Then I put an extra battery in the bay. Hope this helps.

Thanks. Have acctually got it now!! Fits ok but can’t “see” it caddy opens etc and cd’s whirl but Laptop not reading it???

Check that the jumpers on the back of the drive are correct. Set to MASTER or SLAVE as required.

Thanks for helping Dee. Jumpers? Nothing that I can see on the dive to switch? Slots in to the DVD Rom drive caddy? But no switches?

In device manager uninstall the old DVD-ROM, turn off the Laptop. It will “force” Windows to recognize the new drive and install it properly.

Nice logical suggestion, thanks. If you never hear from me again you know I stuffed it up!!! Here goes!

Oh if life and windows was simple!
Alex your suggestion has got me started!! Thanks. However strange things have happened.

On start up screen reads - IDE#1 Error
Windows does not pick up drive initially nor does the drive have power to it.
Add hardware plug and play does not find drive.

Unplug drive (slide it out and back in) Drive has power?
Still does not show drive
Run “Add Hardware” and it shows as installed?
Click troubleshoot- device working, comes up.
Come out and all is tickety Boo.

Restart and it goes back to the above?

I had a ND-5500A. It came set as master, I would assume the 5100A would be the same. Maybe a call to Toshiba wouldn’t be a bad idea. Or get a Toshiba drive.

Looked on google and seems it is not as odd as it sounds? A few others have the same problem?? Thanks for all your suggestions. :wink: