Do I even need Nero, Alcohol 120% or InCD?

I’m getting a DVD drive to back my system up. I don’t care about movies or games (sorry!).

I can back up my system with any system backup software, right? No need to buy Nero, Alcohol 120% or InCD?

what do you mean?
you don’t want to buy such software, or don’t need them?

any system backup software doesn’t write directly to cd-dvd, you need a program to support backing up on cd-dvd…

if the price is the problem, there are a couple of free burning software (i don’t remember the name now)…

if you are using windows xp, it has support for writing on cd-dvd, but i never used it…

though I have nothing against saving money. I’m concerned about needless functionality, and duplicating stuff I might already have. I buy software, from Microsoft down to one-man shops, if they have something I need.

I already purchased some backup software, 'cause I’m using W2K and its system backup feature has been lobotomized by Microsoft, as far as I can tell.

It might happen some day that I’ll need to burn something else to DVD than just a backup. Then I’ll really look into the competing products before I decide which one to buy.

I am sure you can use DriveImage to write directly to DVD and I am pretty sure (but not certain) that you can do this with Ghost too. However, I always copy my backup images to a separate partition to give quick access and then copy this to DVD just in case the HDD fails - for that I use Nero.
Hope that helps.