Do i buy a new DVD player which plays DVD+ fromat?

Hi people
some of you may have read my other stuff ages ago and laughed then, but as promised i have found a new way to bugger things up in my quest to back-up dvd’s.
Here goes then.
back in Sept. i decided i wanted to back-up things so got the discs and the software, couldn’t copy a disc! Needed dvd burner! (Yes i am Dumb i know!) Went to my local shop asked for a burner that done both + & - formats! weyhay! i thought here we go dvd backing up here i come!!
Oooo no could copy the discs with windvd software but they wouldn’t play on my dvd player. Now i knew that my dvd player played them i had done so before, so being thick i assumed that i needed better software. Went and bought nero6 the other day. Can now copy dvd’s but they still wont play on my machine but they will play on the PS2 which i gave to my brother!! Now your up to date with things i’ll tell you the problem!!

Bored yet?

I was sold a RIOCH MP5240A DVD+RW/+R dvd driver this doesn’t back-up DVD- does it? Which is what my DVD player reads!
So what to do?
Doi buy another burner? if so which 1 whould you recommend?
Do i buy a new DVD player which plays DVD+ fromat? If so any suggestions?
Or do i just give up all together!!!
Any ideas or help after you finished laughing would be nice thanks!!

“I was sold a RIOCH MP5240A DVD+RW/+R dvd driver this doesn’t back-up DVD- does it?” - says who ?

“says who ?”

Says Ricoh. The MP5240A only writes to DVD+ media. It does not write to DVD- media.

you could change the booktype of your + discs to dvd-rom then they should play ok, or take it back to the shop and complain saying you wanted a burner that writes to - & + discs.

what a retarded dvd burner ! you are correct. however, is it possible to change writing formats with the drive before burning ?

*1 On some Ricoh brand kits, a note on the outer packaging says that it is not possible to read or play DVD-RW or DVD-R media. However, DVD-R and DVD-RW media are readable only when written using DVD-ROM or DVD-Video format.

why on earth did you buy it ?

Just to let you guys know i was mis-sold the bloody thing! i asked for one that burned both fromats and thats what they gave me. Being a divvy who am i to query them? i’ll be having at look at the links that are here see if i can get some joy! So i’ll keep you posted, bet i find some way to bugger it up again though i’m consistant like that ha!!

Would you go jump in a car and try to drive it without any instructions.??? Yea you gave away a perfectly good DVD burner. What you needed was the proper software to make it work and the proper software to play it on your computer and the knowledge to do both.