Do good systems really need to shout down every application before rip or burning?

Hi, time ago it was suggested to shout down every application (antivirus, firewall, ad-watch, firefox) before rip, burn or scan a cd/dvd; but now new pc have a lot of memory and good cpu
My new pc is a Pentium quadcore with 2 gb ram, running xp professional, do I need to turn off everything like before?

Thank you and best regards

In the olden days it was absolutely necessary to shut down anything running in the background that may take up memory while burning. With new pc’s, dual core, quad core, etc. it certainly isn’t as necessary.

You should be fine without shutting all that stuff down.

thank you for your reply
I agree with you, do you think we can even surf by firefox or it could be too much?

The most important thing with ripping, capturing, etc, is having a seperate HD where those functions are done. So you have your HD with your OS and applications, and a HD for storage/ripping/encoding. Then you can do pretty much whatever you want as long as you aren’t heavily taxing the system. Most video type problems are due to fragmentation. That generally only occurs when you are doing multiple things on the same HD, at the same time… You can browse, play games, whatever, as long as you don’t go nuts…

Well said harley, well said!

Moderation, like with so many things in life, is key here.