Do DVDs go out of print like video games?

i would really like to know if DVD movies and music CDs go out of print like video games, for example there’s some games from 5 years ago that are very difficult to find because no one makes them anymore is it the same for DVD movies and CDs?

I think that it is related on the popularity of the title. The ones with lesser audience are not more produced, and other are renewed continuously. Some titles are produced also in a different format, i.e. some not recent DVD titles are now available also in HD-DVD or Blu-ray format.

Criterion also has a strange policy of only printing for a specific period. This has raised prices through the roof for some out of print titles. Also, DVDs for rental are sold through different channels than are those for retail. This can lead to a title being unavailable at Netflix when it is in stock everywhere for sale.

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Disney announces their rather pathethic policy of limiting their DVD-releases, they stop printing after some months and recall the unsold stuff. Just as an excuse to keep the price constantly high.

I was thinking I can´t see the point of that. But I guess, if it´s a good film, then they´ll release it again a few years later in a special edition, with a poster or fancy box…yeah, with a fancy price to match!
Crazy though…I can walk into a local store here and get Tom Cruise´s “Minority Report” :Z for maybe €5…and also find it somewhere else in the shop in a rack of special editions…for maybe €10 or €15.

And, I´ve just seen all the James Bond films in special packs for €19.99 Double :Z

Also sometimes when a dvd goes out of print it’s because a new version is about to be released.